Digital Impressions – Insights From The Dental Lab Technician

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When comparing a digital impression to a physical impression, the digital impression is a lot more comfortable for the patient, cuts back the cost for the dental practitioner and allows for flawless restorations to be made. This is because physical models do not have to be made which does not allow a possibility for error or distortion when taking the impression. Digital impressions can be taken with an array of scanners (ex: 3M True Definition, Cadent/Aligntech  iTero , Carestream-CS Connect, Planmeca, etc.). When analyzing and working off of a digital impression, B and M looks for readable margins, antagonists, bite registrations, and adjacent teeth included in the digital impression. This allows us to be consistent in the work that we provide to our clients and offer them and their patients the most precise and aesthetic looking products. B and M dental lab is a registered i-Tero lab and has an open CAD/CAM System that accepts STL files from any intraoral scanner that can create STL files.

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